Little Bear
Getaway Cabins

Rental Cabins just 15 minutes from the
Matanuska Glacier


Looking for comfortable, clean, modern lodging but as close to wilderness as possible?  It’s a delicate balance, but you’ve found it.

Now Offering Retreats and Immersive Tours….

Cute, well equipped, hand built log cabins that served as an original homestead await you to support your explorations in Glacier View, Sheep Mountain, and Sutton area.  

All beds equipped with grounding (or earthing) pads for a holistic nights sleep!

The Aurora

The Polaris 

The Blue Moon

 Located at magical Mile 111, between the Chugach and Talkeetna Mountain Ranges in a designated National Scenic Corridor, the accommodations at picturesque Little Bear Getaway Cabins put you in the center of unforgettable views, fresh Alpine air, boundless outdoor activities, and friendly Alaskan hospitality. 

A different realm, a gentler pace

A cozy cabin to forego the rat race

Set down your woes, relax your brace

May here you find a happy place

Go for a vigorous glacier hike, white water rafting trip, or zipline run, then recount your adrenaline surges in the comfort of your private cabin, or around a relaxing campfire. Regroup from Alaska’s wild adventure-packed days with a satisfied exhale and snuggle into a glorious fluffy bed– and if the Midnight Sun keeps you awake reliving your day, you can even count sheep–*wild* Dall Sheep, that is–on the mountain right outside your window (pun intended! May sleep come quick and easy!).

Allow unfettered, pristine views be your escape into untouched Alaska. Let the secure energy of a traditional cabin speak to the wild part of your heart that finds tranquility in spontaneous adventure, and invigoration in stillness.  

Accommodations that are clean, simple, and honest. Easy to find, hard to leave.  You deserve a getaway to a peaceful retreat nestled next to mountains, tucked up under the stars. The heavens are closer here. 

The Cynosure of Alaskan rest and hospitality

Cy-no-sure, noun 1. The common 17th Century name for the Little Bear constellation, containing the North Star, Polaris 2. Something that serves to guide 3. Something that serves as the center of attraction

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