Nearby Activities

Incredible nearby activities abound, such as retreats, glacier hiking, snow machining, helicopter sightseeing, horseback riding, white water rafting, dining, zip-lining, and more.

Sovereign Light, LLC Retreats

Functional Medicine and Sound Healing Retreats held at Little Bear Getaway Cabins near the Matanuska Glacier, Alaska.

Matanuska Glacier Tours

Take a tour of the Matanuska glacier, and spend over two hours hiking on the Glacier, a 27-mile-long river of ancient ice. Tucked away at the head of the Matanuska Valley, you will explore the beautiful ice formations, deep crevasses, and blue meltwater pools of this epic glacier that is thousands of years old.

Freediving and Spearfishing

Experience freediving and spearfishing in Alaska waters.

NOVA Alaska River Rafting Guides

NOVA is a guiding adventure service offering whitewater rafting, river floats, paddle boarding, glacier treks, ice climbing, single-day tours, multi-day excursions, and glacier tours of the Matanuska Glacier.

MICA Guides

Zipline over the Matanuska River

Experience the longest, fastest ziplines within 800 miles and the closest zip to Anchorage. The 2-line Extreme Zip Adventure includes the G2, the fastest zipline in Alaska.

Majestic Valley Heli Ski

Heli-skiing and Heli-boarding in Alaska

Alaska Heli-skiing in the greatest untracked powder of your life and escape the traditional hassles, crowds, traffic, and lift lines of the resorts.

Sheep Mountain Air

Matanuska Glacier and Mountain Tours

Take a Helicopter Scenic Tour of the Matanuska Glacier and the surrounding Talkeetna Mountains. Learn tons about the wildlife, rivers, the Matanuska Glacier, and more on this fun ride.

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