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Sovereign Light, LLC


Hosted at Little Bear Getaway Cabins

Functional Medicine and Biofield Tuning (Learn More)  therapies join forces for this small group retreat nestled in the sublime subalpine mountains of Alaska. Regaining your center and surrendering to states of profound, restorative relaxation are made easy with nature; the stars feel close enough to touch and the spruce trees are ready to whisper their own words of wisdom as you tuck into your hand-built log cabin each night. With the massive Matanuska Glacier 15 minutes away, and 365° views of jagged mountain peaks beckoning you, settle in for 4 nights/ 5 days of deep, meaningful exploration of your current personal state of health.

Experience a group healing and sound bath session reclining on the blue ice of the glacier, allowing unharmonious patterns to surface for resolution and rectification. This experience will have been primed by an individual Biofield Tuning Session pre-retreat, in preparation. Combine these insights you may gain with what you learned in your 90 minute pre-retreat private health assessment consultation utilizing the cutting-edge and practical Functional Medicine approach.  Each day utilizes Yin Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork practices catered to individual needs to shift into more sustainable and healthy patterns.

The awe-inspiring, uplifting, and vigorous energies of the location alone serve to open mental, emotional, and spiritual states, while thoughtful prompts from your hosts puts you in closer communion to your own inner guidance.

Workshops focus on:
✅️ natural detoxification strategies;
✅️ nutrition, including how to do vegetable fermentation, home brew kombucha, and sourdough (and starters for you to bring home!);
✅️ art therapy with alcohol inks, wool felting, and/or silk painting  (SEE EXAMPLES)
✅️ electromagnetic health, EMF awareness, and Earthing (all beds are outfitted with grounding sheets)

Extra activities include:
✅️ guided hike and forest immersion with guided meditation (may be modified by season and weather)
✅️ local wild medicinal plant identification and gathering, followed by tincture, extract, salve, lotion, and balm making
✅️ campfire communion
✅️ one professional massage
✅️ one IonCleanse ionic footbath
✅️ unlimited access to FIR/NIR red light unit
✅️ one Healy Frequency (Electrostimulation) Device diagnostic session
✅️ return home with a custom-made for you Flower Essence blend
✅️ return home with a week’s supply of Life Wave photo biomodulation stickers

If you are ready to dive deep, muster the courage to identify and face what holds you back, and gain skills to continue the physical, mental, emotional, and/ or spiritual detoxes set into motion, this getaway is geared to you.


Jodi O’Malley and Kaydee Scarola are health rebels each in their own right, embodying ways to live a life outside what standard American culture says is cool.

Jodi, a Registered Nurse, Certified Health and Life Coach, and Functional Medicine Certified, is a Chicago native, but on a wild whim moved to Arizona with her youngest son. Entering the bedside nursing profession — years ago, Jodi’s deep Faith has always served her. After witnessing deeply unethical oversights in the hospital she worked at during covid, she became a whistle-blower to the Federal Health Care system in 2021. While she was put on leave, her undercover video went viral with Project Veritas. The story of her courage to speak up has been chronicled in her new book, Rare Courage:  Standing for Right When You’re Surrounded by Wrong.  Jodi has stepped into the uncomfortably raw zone of how to defy perceived authority and what it means to dismiss yourself from a system that is unhealthy and how we may make strides to correct it.

Kaydee has lived a life in the Alaskan Bush, eschewing even routine human contact, instead opting for activities like figuring out how to make birch syrup on a woodstove. Although obtaining her degree in Family Studies, hunting, fishing, trapping and raising her family’s own protein has served as the backdrop while raising three children with her husband, Luke. Growing a garden, wild foraging, herbalism, homeopathy, keeping bees, and artwork (SEE EXAMPLES) easily consume her days and credits one of her childrens’ health challenges with forcing her to go rogue. Bowing out of mainstream society in other ways, Kaydee homeschools her kids, and also toured the Lower 48 by travel trailer. Kaydee has been practicing Biofield Tuning (Learn More) since 2019, and became Certified in early 2022.

Jodi and Kaydee generate a lot of firey energy when near eachother, and partcipants should come ready with a bathing suit in case they spontaneously decide to dip in a waterfall or snowbank, a readiness to laugh so hard you snort, and yet also a solid waterproof mascara for vulnerable forays in being human. Learn ways to deepen your self care alongside individuals who themselves continually seek another, more aligned and sovereign way of being.

Retreat Dates

Each Retreat Limited to 6 guests (2 per cabin) 4 nights/ 5 days

April 20-24
May 11-15
June 15-19
August 10-4
September 21-25

Little Bear Getaway Cabins is located at magical Mile 111 of the Glenn Highway, at the closest point between the Chugach and Talkeetna Mountain Ranges. Three dry cabins each contain a queen and twin bed. Hot showers and flush toilets dedicated for each cabin, located in the bathhouse, are a short walk away on a natural trail. Wildlife, including moose, bear, and lynx frequent the property, and Dall sheep graze the mountain lichen right next to the cabins, and are often visible while lying in bed.

Driving directions: from Anchorage, take the Seward Highway North, then take the Glenn Highway East towards Palmer, Glennallen, and Valdez. Approximately an hour past Palmer, at Mile 111.5, look on the right hand side for the Little Bear Getaway Cabins sign, with a short driveway going up a hill. Cell service is spotty on the drive past Palmer.